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a whale of a time

I’m pleased to present…..

the beautiful

the bountiful

the big

Miss Cherry Blossom


Benjamin made her.

She isnt visiting us any more – gone on to make more friends here

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You know those times when life picks you up like a leaf in a swollen river and carries you downstream so fast and crazy that it barely seems you have time to take a breath let alone stop and write about it.

Thats my now.

In brief….

I cried and cried for those in the fires.

I stressed over writing and presenting a veggie workshop.

I gathered with many many people to heal and give and celebrate life and music.narce1

and this made my heart sing

I watched lovers tread so light on the earth that i swear their feet didnt touch the ground.

his music touched me

I met more that i think may change my life….

i danced like i’d never danced before

i did the veggie workshop !

i sat with the whale on my doorstep

I cried some more

i reconnected

next week i might do it all agin…..

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a feast of parsnip, chard and kale

fresh organic and delicious

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Rather than spend the coming weeks glued to your television watching sporty types leap and prance about; my suggestion is to do something really useful.


Better still invite some friends around to join the fun.

Permablitz will show you how.

Here’s one Samm and I helped out with.

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Who says the garden is quiet at this time of year ? Broad bean shoots bursting forth, kale seedlings reaching for the sky, baby cos relishing the cool and ruby chard just being glorious.

even my potatoes that escaped summers harvest are a flourishing jumble of foliage…. I’m planning more seed potatoes to be companions for the broad beans… I’ll let you know how they go.

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