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Kids, like dogs so know how to live in the moment.....

Kids, like dogs so know how to live in the moment.....


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a whale of a time

I’m pleased to present…..

the beautiful

the bountiful

the big

Miss Cherry Blossom


Benjamin made her.

She isnt visiting us any more – gone on to make more friends here

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\Step 1: Create a sculptural masterpiece using themes of nature, love and sustainability. Check.

Step 2 . Paint – using step 1 as inspiration. check.

Step 3 : Create journal using paper from step 2….

(here’s one I prepared earlier)

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happy place

Ahhh. There it is. My happy place.  I thought that maybe I’d lost it. But it was here all along. Phew.

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Little Hands

Another rockin workshop at Artplay with Claudia and Ricardo from Walka

How i would have loved this fun when I was young.

And i love it now.

I have to hold myself back from throwing myself in, no Mandy…..

its the girls time. Let them make what they want. Let their imaginations explore.

Let them go (eeeek).

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