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I’ve been meaning to do this for ages….SalonRouge49

I discovered Salon Rouge the last time i was in Adelaide and had to share the gorgeousness of it all. Stop by.

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All will be pleased to know that the stall went brilliantly.

So brilliantly


that i can now happily retire to that villa in the south of france.stall1



Whoops. Just drifted off for a minute there.

Better go and turn the compost…..

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Samm and I have been busy little bees preparing for the market tomorrow.

Its been a great process… developing ideas and then bringing them to life.

here’s a sneak preview…..sister1



and some accessories…..deepinthewoods1


Come along !

Peninsula Community Theatre

Wilsons Rd

Mornington, Vic

Sat 23 & Sun 24th


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This is the piece I made for Sam for Art of the Month.

A little , ok alot, Mirka Mora inspired.

Which got me musing about people that inspire me and why.

Mirka ofcourse is one… maybe its because of her age (i like to have a role model for women who live life so fully) her attitude, her family AND her Art that I’m drawn to her.

I’ve also been loving Freida Kahlo’s journals….

and been reading Niki’s World to my daughter using her visual journal techniques as inspiration too.

Thats just a few.

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More journal pages

Is anyone else still doing Misty’s journal pages…. ?

Are they still going ?

I’m so out of the loop and living in my own little world lately.

Not a bad thingĀ  I suppose.journalfacesandwhaledreaming

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a whale of a time

I’m pleased to present…..

the beautiful

the bountiful

the big

Miss Cherry Blossom


Benjamin made her.

She isnt visiting us any more – gone on to make more friends here

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You know those times when life picks you up like a leaf in a swollen river and carries you downstream so fast and crazy that it barely seems you have time to take a breath let alone stop and write about it.

Thats my now.

In brief….

I cried and cried for those in the fires.

I stressed over writing and presenting a veggie workshop.

I gathered with many many people to heal and give and celebrate life and music.narce1

and this made my heart sing

I watched lovers tread so light on the earth that i swear their feet didnt touch the ground.

his music touched me

I met more that i think may change my life….

i danced like i’d never danced before

i did the veggie workshop !

i sat with the whale on my doorstep

I cried some more

i reconnected

next week i might do it all agin…..

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January Journal 3

Here is a work in progress…

This sketch is the idea for a small painting that i did today, i’ve had the image of Klimpt’s kiss in my mind since yesterdays journal page – so it filtered through. Anyway, Marty snuck in and took a couple of shots – so i thought i’d post those – for something a little different.

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\Step 1: Create a sculptural masterpiece using themes of nature, love and sustainability. Check.

Step 2 . Paint – using step 1 as inspiration. check.

Step 3 : Create journal using paper from step 2….

(here’s one I prepared earlier)

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yet another collage

Are you bored with these yet ?

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