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Sometimes – like today

I just feel like curling up with a big fluffy doona and a cup of tea.


Thats what i want.

The question is though, where to get it.

When so far away from home.

a chuckle helps …..

the chasers had me laughing still the next morning


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Its bugging me that my links have dissapeared and i cant find how to fix it and wordpress just doesnt seem to be behaving – i’m thinking about shifting (having just printed out a whole lot of cards – doh.

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This month i chose the brolga card as my dreaming. A card of dance. Of opening yourself to the rhythm of the earth. Of reconnecting. Of being. Of celebration.

In that spirit…. I’ve been loving revisiting Moulin Rouge, and Paris in the late 1800’s. And have a head full of colour and movement with some painting and fancy stuff waiting in the wings ….

And so now the question is… what shall i put on the stereo ?

(do ya wanna dance ?)

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happy snaps


Piha. One of my favourite places in the entire universe. Grand statement but true.

This is the beach where THE PIANO was shot.

And looking at these images makes me want to return;…. its a wonderful

thing is it not, to feel a strong connection to a place. I’m feeling that bittersweet

longing now. Not for a lost love, but for an actual location…. maybe it is a lost love.

Hopefully not too lost.

Shall post more pix anon…

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off to NZ for a couple of weeks

(although to be honest I’m so bad at leaving i’m not sure i should ever step out the front door again)

but still

adventure calls

chat when we get back


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Stranger things

stranger-thingsThis (foo fighters) song has been on my mind for a while. I guess because its surprising, and i so like a surprise. Anyway…. this is what i made while listening.

… i was going for the mood of the song; Moody but hopeful.

the only surprsing thing here is that he somehow became a she (and looks like a make-up sketch from Wicked).


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its really too darn hot to post  or do art or anything except sit in the water. and not likely to change much for the next few days.

and yet here i am….

last night i went to see  baz lurhmans ‘Australia’. i am so in it at the moment – that parched dry landscape and thirst for green. The film was rich and clunky…our very own gone with the wind, but David Gulpillil  is always a treat. Ofcourse Catherine Martin is the real star….

but on to Art….

starting with a journal ideajournalwindowsthen a canvaswindows-and-jugand developing the idea deeperdeeper

Speaking of going deeper…and australia – here’s perhaps my favourite song… it never fails to move me

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