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On the road, kids, dog and all.
We trully have eased down this road. There have been many trips these past months down the same stretch of highway – 10 hours there, then a few days later turning and coming back again. Today, as the girls chose word games over the portable DVD player (joy) I had that beautiful sense of familiarity. I have done this. This very thing, along this very road – but many
( many) years earlier.
And now I am the parent.
Curiously the soundtrack remains the same. Neil Young, Wings. I’m fairly sure my folks would have been listening to Gillian Welch too had she been around.
Between homes. While the drive is still adventuring I guess it’s all good. Maybe the freedom of being on the road comes from being without definition. There all is new. I can be anything.
Possibilities abound.
Here I slip quietly into my old skin.
I’m just not so sure it fits anymore.


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Oh the sheer joy

the uninhibited rapture of being 3

or 70

and riding on a steam trainshanti train


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I’ve been meaning to do this for ages….SalonRouge49

I discovered Salon Rouge the last time i was in Adelaide and had to share the gorgeousness of it all. Stop by.

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Kids, like dogs so know how to live in the moment.....

Kids, like dogs so know how to live in the moment.....


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