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Wierd, dont you think , the way time passes.

A blink and theres six months…gone.

Its not like there hasnt been much happening. Stuff.

Big stuff. So much movement – not so smooth either.

Dealing with loss and the shifting of realities which ofcourse is all good but not always fun.

 After much thinking and sorting and turning it over and over , defining intent seems to be the way to go today.

So- my intent is to re look at this space.


Watch this space


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ok so i wont be posting any pix for a while…i’m here and my cables are there.

Things I’ve learned this week:

Sometimes pain and ugliness can be beautiful.

Its good to have family close by when things go pear shaped.

Sometimes just when you think its all over – its not.

My Dad inspires me.

And now, a question….

Why is it that those who can bear it – have to ?

(or why cant the good guys have it good ?)

I have the feeling that Buddha has something to say about that, what about you ?

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More journal pages

Is anyone else still doing Misty’s journal pages…. ?

Are they still going ?

I’m so out of the loop and living in my own little world lately.

Not a bad thing  I suppose.journalfacesandwhaledreaming

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She stood by her front door, and as dead birds rained down around, called to her husband

“i think we are in trouble”


And now, as the devastation continues to unfold those left behind begin to try and understand, to make sense, to help, to heal slowly slowly.

Today everyone walks in a dream… gradually waking and wandering and wondering.

all i can do now is pray.

(i am here)

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I’m glad its raining. The first time in 8 weeks, after the hottest day on record.

Relief for firefighters, for families who have lost so much, for the garden

and for my spirit, needing a healing soak….leafalmond

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5 years

SHOUT HOORAY. its cooler !

And our anniversary.

What does one do on such an auspicious occasion ?

How ’bout this….

or this


or maybe some of this


and now we’re off to the beach… to wedding point where it all happened for a picnic. Hope your last journal day for jan was magic too.

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still hot

But at least there’s a breeze now….

this one’s a grumpy bunnygrumpybunnyand a sugar glidergliderApart from being hot and grumpy – I’ve been sad this last day or so – too many burnt plants, hurt stressed animals….

wondering whats the point of trying to grow anything and then what else am i going to do but maybe it would be best to just leave and go somewhere cooler with water.

on the other hand…. playing along with Misty’s journal game has been great for working through these big things, even if i havent realised it at the time. And i think i’ve come to a good place with all this practice…. acceptance and a look that i’m keen to keep playing with. developing. mmmm.

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