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Happy winter friends – may it be filled with dark organic chocolate

(fair trade ofcourse)

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Now there’s a solution to that pesky peak oil dilema. Veggies IN your bambino. Va Bene !mowerbikeAnd another ! Design bliss !

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You know those times when life picks you up like a leaf in a swollen river and carries you downstream so fast and crazy that it barely seems you have time to take a breath let alone stop and write about it.

Thats my now.

In brief….

I cried and cried for those in the fires.

I stressed over writing and presenting a veggie workshop.

I gathered with many many people to heal and give and celebrate life and music.narce1

and this made my heart sing

I watched lovers tread so light on the earth that i swear their feet didnt touch the ground.

his music touched me

I met more that i think may change my life….

i danced like i’d never danced before

i did the veggie workshop !

i sat with the whale on my doorstep

I cried some more

i reconnected

next week i might do it all agin…..

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I’m glad its raining. The first time in 8 weeks, after the hottest day on record.

Relief for firefighters, for families who have lost so much, for the garden

and for my spirit, needing a healing soak….leafalmond

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Yesterday the family went adventuring. What a glorious time, discovering a new spot whose magic snuck up like a breeze. A picnic overlooking the bay while peacocks and highland cattle gazed on and on. Then….the garden, oh the garden. Mulberries dripping – so many that the birds left enough for all of us and all of you to eat pies for a month. Cape gooseberries. Bananas where bananas just dont grow. Herbs. An orchard. Perennial borders filled with bees and ducks. I could go on…..

which brings me to my page of ephemera; garden ephemera.

I dream of a lush garden like the one we visited, the dream is a long process in creation. While I can make a journal page in minutes (or hours or days if i want) – the garden evolves over years. A different time scale altogther.

My january garden isnt the green oasis that i long for. Its dry. Its brown and cream and grey and all the shades in between. This page – while it didnt take long to create in its book – has taken years in the earth. And is probably the most honest page in my journal so far.janjournal18chookparsley

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a feast of parsnip, chard and kale

fresh organic and delicious

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And not a day too soon

for a while there it looked like spring was going to give it a miss this year,

and frankly I was getting a little worried.

But just when I was about to succumb to S.A.D – the flowering plum put on a little show.

Good girl – I say – bring it on !

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Patrick Blanc‘s gardens have been filling my imagination of late – these images keep popping up in my favourite magazines and I’m busting to see his installation right here in melbourne.

It seems the botanist doesn’t think of himself as an artist – but I cant help but be drawn in by the colour and pattern he creates. Dont you just want to be in an entire city looking like this ? (how long before we see him doing some production design ? ) These transformative ideas give me hope….now if he can just start growing food this way I’ll be REALLY impressed.

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Rather than spend the coming weeks glued to your television watching sporty types leap and prance about; my suggestion is to do something really useful.


Better still invite some friends around to join the fun.

Permablitz will show you how.

Here’s one Samm and I helped out with.

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happy place

Ahhh. There it is. My happy place.  I thought that maybe I’d lost it. But it was here all along. Phew.

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