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So the secrets out…. i’m a wee bit drawn to Roman Catholic iconography…sacred-heart

But painting isnt the only Arty fun I’ve been having. Yesterday….. a trip to the city and ACCA to see the Steiner Lenzlinger exhibition. Oh whimsical joy !!!!!!

If you cant get to Melbourne – DO spend some tome exploring their website.


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\Step 1: Create a sculptural masterpiece using themes of nature, love and sustainability. Check.

Step 2 . Paint – using step 1 as inspiration. check.

Step 3 : Create journal using paper from step 2….

(here’s one I prepared earlier)

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June 21 was a musical one this year. Birthdays, friends, family and performance. Its wonderful time for looking inward, sitting quietly for a while and then turning again to the flame; and the people gathered there by the hearth.

I’ve decided that I’ve been too hard on myself lately. Too hard on the world.

Its time to do a bit more honouring. Tune in to that…. or this .

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