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ok so i wont be posting any pix for a while…i’m here and my cables are there.

Things I’ve learned this week:

Sometimes pain and ugliness can be beautiful.

Its good to have family close by when things go pear shaped.

Sometimes just when you think its all over – its not.

My Dad inspires me.

And now, a question….

Why is it that those who can bear it – have to ?

(or why cant the good guys have it good ?)

I have the feeling that Buddha has something to say about that, what about you ?

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Oh the sheer joy

the uninhibited rapture of being 3

or 70

and riding on a steam trainshanti train


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More journal pages

Is anyone else still doing Misty’s journal pages…. ?

Are they still going ?

I’m so out of the loop and living in my own little world lately.

Not a bad thing  I suppose.journalfacesandwhaledreaming

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a whale of a time

I’m pleased to present…..

the beautiful

the bountiful

the big

Miss Cherry Blossom


Benjamin made her.

She isnt visiting us any more – gone on to make more friends here

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You know those times when life picks you up like a leaf in a swollen river and carries you downstream so fast and crazy that it barely seems you have time to take a breath let alone stop and write about it.

Thats my now.

In brief….

I cried and cried for those in the fires.

I stressed over writing and presenting a veggie workshop.

I gathered with many many people to heal and give and celebrate life and music.narce1

and this made my heart sing

I watched lovers tread so light on the earth that i swear their feet didnt touch the ground.

his music touched me

I met more that i think may change my life….

i danced like i’d never danced before

i did the veggie workshop !

i sat with the whale on my doorstep

I cried some more

i reconnected

next week i might do it all agin…..

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5 years

SHOUT HOORAY. its cooler !

And our anniversary.

What does one do on such an auspicious occasion ?

How ’bout this….

or this


or maybe some of this


and now we’re off to the beach… to wedding point where it all happened for a picnic. Hope your last journal day for jan was magic too.

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altered photo

mollie2evidence ! Purely that i participated….. oh dear.  I LOVE the original photo… its all blurry and up close  and soft…. why oh why did i decide to paint it ?

Just to try a technique…. which worked a whole lot better wtih my “NARA” post… just as well i tried this first i suppose.

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So the secrets out…. i’m a wee bit drawn to Roman Catholic iconography…sacred-heart

But painting isnt the only Arty fun I’ve been having. Yesterday….. a trip to the city and ACCA to see the Steiner Lenzlinger exhibition. Oh whimsical joy !!!!!!

If you cant get to Melbourne – DO spend some tome exploring their website.


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\Step 1: Create a sculptural masterpiece using themes of nature, love and sustainability. Check.

Step 2 . Paint – using step 1 as inspiration. check.

Step 3 : Create journal using paper from step 2….

(here’s one I prepared earlier)

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June 21 was a musical one this year. Birthdays, friends, family and performance. Its wonderful time for looking inward, sitting quietly for a while and then turning again to the flame; and the people gathered there by the hearth.

I’ve decided that I’ve been too hard on myself lately. Too hard on the world.

Its time to do a bit more honouring. Tune in to that…. or this .

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