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Sometimes – like today

I just feel like curling up with a big fluffy doona and a cup of tea.


Thats what i want.

The question is though, where to get it.

When so far away from home.

a chuckle helps …..

the chasers had me laughing still the next morning

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ok so i wont be posting any pix for a while…i’m here and my cables are there.

Things I’ve learned this week:

Sometimes pain and ugliness can be beautiful.

Its good to have family close by when things go pear shaped.

Sometimes just when you think its all over – its not.

My Dad inspires me.

And now, a question….

Why is it that those who can bear it – have to ?

(or why cant the good guys have it good ?)

I have the feeling that Buddha has something to say about that, what about you ?

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My knit for Grrl.

A little bit colourful

a little bit dark

a tiny bit controlled

mostly utter chaos.

Quite possibly a metaphore for my life at the moment.


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Oh the sheer joy

the uninhibited rapture of being 3

or 70

and riding on a steam trainshanti train


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