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This is the piece I made for Sam for Art of the Month.

A little , ok alot, Mirka Mora inspired.

Which got me musing about people that inspire me and why.

Mirka ofcourse is one… maybe its because of her age (i like to have a role model for women who live life so fully) her attitude, her family AND her Art that I’m drawn to her.

I’ve also been loving Freida Kahlo’s journals….

and been reading Niki’s World to my daughter using her visual journal techniques as inspiration too.

Thats just a few.

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Now there’s a solution to that pesky peak oil dilema. Veggies IN your bambino. Va Bene !mowerbikeAnd another ! Design bliss !

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More journal pages

Is anyone else still doing Misty’s journal pages…. ?

Are they still going ?

I’m so out of the loop and living in my own little world lately.

Not a bad thingĀ  I suppose.journalfacesandwhaledreaming

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More from Aeoteoroa

Kids, like dogs so know how to live in the moment.....

Kids, like dogs so know how to live in the moment.....


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happy snaps


Piha. One of my favourite places in the entire universe. Grand statement but true.

This is the beach where THE PIANO was shot.

And looking at these images makes me want to return;…. its a wonderful

thing is it not, to feel a strong connection to a place. I’m feeling that bittersweet

longing now. Not for a lost love, but for an actual location…. maybe it is a lost love.

Hopefully not too lost.

Shall post more pix anon…

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