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5 years

SHOUT HOORAY. its cooler !

And our anniversary.

What does one do on such an auspicious occasion ?

How ’bout this….

or this


or maybe some of this


and now we’re off to the beach… to wedding point where it all happened for a picnic. Hope your last journal day for jan was magic too.

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still hot

But at least there’s a breeze now….

this one’s a grumpy bunnygrumpybunnyand a sugar glidergliderApart from being hot and grumpy – I’ve been sad this last day or so – too many burnt plants, hurt stressed animals….

wondering whats the point of trying to grow anything and then what else am i going to do but maybe it would be best to just leave and go somewhere cooler with water.

on the other hand…. playing along with Misty’s journal game has been great for working through these big things, even if i havent realised it at the time. And i think i’ve come to a good place with all this practice…. acceptance and a look that i’m keen to keep playing with. developing. mmmm.

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its really too darn hot to post  or do art or anything except sit in the water. and not likely to change much for the next few days.

and yet here i am….

last night i went to see  baz lurhmans ‘Australia’. i am so in it at the moment – that parched dry landscape and thirst for green. The film was rich and clunky…our very own gone with the wind, but David Gulpillil  is always a treat. Ofcourse Catherine Martin is the real star….

but on to Art….

starting with a journal ideajournalwindowsthen a canvaswindows-and-jugand developing the idea deeperdeeper

Speaking of going deeper…and australia – here’s perhaps my favourite song… it never fails to move me

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honest !

new_award1Lulu has tagged me and i agree with her – honest but fabulous works for me…..particularly because

1. That ratbag inner critic has had a louder voice than my own this last little while. Enough i say…. enough.

Therefore… in true SARK style. I’ve decided to celebrate me in all my lusciousness. he he.

2. I am 40.

3. 6 months ago my hair went unexplainably curly.

4. one of my favouite things to say is “Treat me like the (insert whatever adjective seems appropriate at the time ie – godess/princess/divine manifestation) i trully am”. note – this must be said in a trully princessy/godessy way – no pouting and whatnot.

5. I’d rather eat pistacchio (or for that matter any flavour except mint – whats going on there ? its like frozen toothpaste) icecream than clean the bathroom.

6. One of the reasons i like gardening is that i like getting mucky (hence painting and pottery and kids and 5.)

7. i believe in the transformative power of love.

8. Sometimes i take a bath in the afternoon, with the window open and it feels like being outside in the garden.

9. last night i dreamed of george clooney AND brad pitt. Settle.

and 10….

i’m pretty sure it was me that named the entire psychological complex

“The Dorothy Complex” – a  covetous desire to wear/possess/own red and or sparkly/shiny shoes. how many do YOU own ?

note: a friend recently told me of his own theory regarding women and red shoes, which seems completely unfounded to me. I’m not frustrated. Not at all. maybe he was projecting……

not sure if that has anything to do with my dream (9.)

anyhoo –  10 honest (but fabulous) things about yourself….wanna play ?

check out






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squares and a gift

squares its amazing to see the difference hormones can make to art. Someone bring me some evening primrose purleassssseeee.

giftand my piece to give away…. dont know who to yet tho’. Using the same techniques as in ‘white’.

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nara Now THIS was fun. I love Yoshitomo Nara. There I’ve said it.

The biggest difficulty with this challenge was to decide on an Artist….

was it going to be maximalist Tord Boontje, film maker David McKean, or…. oh too many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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bird2late night play a little low on inspiration….

on tracing paper, its kind of fun seeing another page peeping through…

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altered photo

mollie2evidence ! Purely that i participated….. oh dear.  I LOVE the original photo… its all blurry and up close  and soft…. why oh why did i decide to paint it ?

Just to try a technique…. which worked a whole lot better wtih my “NARA” post… just as well i tried this first i suppose.

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fr : actuellement : At the present moment……actellement

oh and at the present moment guess who’s in our tree……koala

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Yesterday the family went adventuring. What a glorious time, discovering a new spot whose magic snuck up like a breeze. A picnic overlooking the bay while peacocks and highland cattle gazed on and on. Then….the garden, oh the garden. Mulberries dripping – so many that the birds left enough for all of us and all of you to eat pies for a month. Cape gooseberries. Bananas where bananas just dont grow. Herbs. An orchard. Perennial borders filled with bees and ducks. I could go on…..

which brings me to my page of ephemera; garden ephemera.

I dream of a lush garden like the one we visited, the dream is a long process in creation. While I can make a journal page in minutes (or hours or days if i want) – the garden evolves over years. A different time scale altogther.

My january garden isnt the green oasis that i long for. Its dry. Its brown and cream and grey and all the shades in between. This page – while it didnt take long to create in its book – has taken years in the earth. And is probably the most honest page in my journal so far.janjournal18chookparsley

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