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Christmas @ the Studio

Come this time of year it all starts to get a bit exciting not least because i get to go and visit one of my favourite spots on the peninsula…. the studio. Leisa Wharrington (whose work you can see here ) and

Flick Pope ( here ) each year invite those in the loop to come and enjoy their magnificent surroundings and indulge just a bit. I come away uplifted by the space, the rustic building set amonst the scrub and glad, so glad that they only do it once a year, so it stays a special, magical treat.

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We’re home ! And its good.

Our time away was magical…. Family, food, colour.

Its such a treat to visit somewhere new, to tune in to a different feel, to connect, to experience.

Its so cool to have that jangley awake feeling that comes so easily with travel, allĀ  senses sharp and open. Its been a while.

Anyway – heres some of the colours of singapore

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