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\Step 1: Create a sculptural masterpiece using themes of nature, love and sustainability. Check.

Step 2 . Paint – using step 1 as inspiration. check.

Step 3 : Create journal using paper from step 2….

(here’s one I prepared earlier)

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June 21 was a musical one this year. Birthdays, friends, family and performance. Its wonderful time for looking inward, sitting quietly for a while and then turning again to the flame; and the people gathered there by the hearth.

I’ve decided that I’ve been too hard on myself lately. Too hard on the world.

Its time to do a bit more honouring. Tune in to that…. or this .

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happy place

Ahhh. There it is. My happy place.  I thought that maybe I’d lost it. But it was here all along. Phew.

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This is actually something that i painted a while ago –

sometimes I want to run away…and today is one of those days.

If I were to paint the same thing today though , I think the whole thing would be darker. She would probably be lost… with three little children under her arms as well as a couple of dogs and a cat. She would have no idea where she was going, where she would take them to or even how to get there, where they would live or what they would eat while she found a way to work and look after them and pay rent.

oh dear. Where is that happy place ?

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Fun in the city

What a great day – a trip to the city on the weekend is soooo much fun.

Artplay , graffiti art, arcade exploring, window shopping and more more more.

We came home with a head chock full of inspiration.

It’ll be the “lucky wardrobe project” . stay tuned –

PS. this is my first attempt at creating a mosaic photoshop image – and whilst it didn’t quite work out the way I’d intended I think you get the picture… ha

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Who says the garden is quiet at this time of year ? Broad bean shoots bursting forth, kale seedlings reaching for the sky, baby cos relishing the cool and ruby chard just being glorious.

even my potatoes that escaped summers harvest are a flourishing jumble of foliage…. I’m planning more seed potatoes to be companions for the broad beans… I’ll let you know how they go.

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Illo friday – forgotten

“Oh dear” she exclaimed “I seem to have forgotten my way”

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