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my family man is a little lost

– I’m guessing this about covers it…

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Yesterday was spent playing a little….continuing with the techniques Traci taught at Art retreat.

and O what FUN.

Amazing to start with such fixed, controlled and tight pages and end in utter chaos. Clutter everywhere.

Colour combined in ways i never have before and at in the end…..FREE . he he.

go on give it a go.

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Art Retreat

Art Retreat was indeed an adventure. I’m still trying to get my head around all that i experienced.

Saturday with Traci was a journey into colour, texture, layers and pushing the boundary.

Here’s the binding that I didn’t get to finish in class. I’m rapt by the sheer joy of it, a mess of ribbon, vintage found fabric, precious bits and found stuff all jammed together with abandon.

Its got me wanting more….

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foundI wonder how it is that life seems to curl and twist on itself. That time shifts, and once again I become an awkward adolescent. Without confidence or sharp retort,  floundering in situations where I’m sure I knew better, didn’t I ?

Perhaps not, perhaps I haven’t come so far.

Still surprised by people. Still wondering at a little curly leaf….

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Whilst not particularly in the mood for writing, it seems rather pointless to have a blog sans words.

So should you happen to land here by some strange accident of the ether…. perhaps

just perhaps… you may be tempted to linger a while

or at least to return later and see whether or not i’ve been compelled to add something a little more interesting.

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