This little guy will make his first public appearance at the red hill art show may 1-2.
SHRINE- mixed media assemblage
Paper mâché, collage, wool, silk, beeswax, found objects.

Exploring the sacred in the everyday.


On the road, kids, dog and all.
We trully have eased down this road. There have been many trips these past months down the same stretch of highway – 10 hours there, then a few days later turning and coming back again. Today, as the girls chose word games over the portable DVD player (joy) I had that beautiful sense of familiarity. I have done this. This very thing, along this very road – but many
( many) years earlier.
And now I am the parent.
Curiously the soundtrack remains the same. Neil Young, Wings. I’m fairly sure my folks would have been listening to Gillian Welch too had she been around.
Between homes. While the drive is still adventuring I guess it’s all good. Maybe the freedom of being on the road comes from being without definition. There all is new. I can be anything.
Possibilities abound.
Here I slip quietly into my old skin.
I’m just not so sure it fits anymore.


Wierd, dont you think , the way time passes.

A blink and theres six months…gone.

Its not like there hasnt been much happening. Stuff.

Big stuff. So much movement – not so smooth either.

Dealing with loss and the shifting of realities which ofcourse is all good but not always fun.

 After much thinking and sorting and turning it over and over , defining intent seems to be the way to go today.

So- my intent is to re look at this space.


Watch this space

Sometimes – like today

I just feel like curling up with a big fluffy doona and a cup of tea.


Thats what i want.

The question is though, where to get it.

When so far away from home.

a chuckle helps …..

the chasers had me laughing still the next morning


ok so i wont be posting any pix for a while…i’m here and my cables are there.

Things I’ve learned this week:

Sometimes pain and ugliness can be beautiful.

Its good to have family close by when things go pear shaped.

Sometimes just when you think its all over – its not.

My Dad inspires me.

And now, a question….

Why is it that those who can bear it – have to ?

(or why cant the good guys have it good ?)

I have the feeling that Buddha has something to say about that, what about you ?



My knit for Grrl.

A little bit colourful

a little bit dark

a tiny bit controlled

mostly utter chaos.

Quite possibly a metaphore for my life at the moment.



Oh the sheer joy

the uninhibited rapture of being 3

or 70

and riding on a steam trainshanti train



Its bugging me that my links have dissapeared and i cant find how to fix it and wordpress just doesnt seem to be behaving – i’m thinking about shifting (having just printed out a whole lot of cards – doh.



Happy winter friends – may it be filled with dark organic chocolate

(fair trade ofcourse)


I’ve been meaning to do this for ages….SalonRouge49

I discovered Salon Rouge the last time i was in Adelaide and had to share the gorgeousness of it all. Stop by.